Sherlock – All You Need To Know About the Show!

Dear fans of the Sherlock TV series, we have prepared a brand new extension for you to enjoy when you open your browser. This extensions offers the highest quality wallpapers of the detective show. The wallpapers are completely randomized each time you open your new tab page. Alongside the wallpapers, the extension offers unique features like telling you the time with the clock widget, showing you the weather with the weather widget, and many more. If you like this extension, share it with your friends!


Sherlock is a British TV series which represents the modern version of detective stories about Sherlock Holmes. The author of Sherlock Holmes is Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes is portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, while his loyal companion, friend and colleague Dr. Watson is portrayed by Martin Freeman. So far the show features 4 seasons of 12 90-minute episodes from 2010 to 2017. The third season is the most watched British drama series since 2001. The show was conceived by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss during their train trip to the production house of the Doctor Who show in Cardiff, on which they both worked as screenwriters.

They aspired to create the modern version of Doyle’s stories in which Holmes uses modern technological achievements in order to catch criminals. The most of the screenwriting is done by Stephen Thompson. The company Hartswood Films produces the show for BBC, with WGBH-TV’s cooperation. The show is mostly filmed in Cardiff, alongside the production using various other locations. The North Gower Street in London is used for the exterior scenes of the apartment in Baker 221B street where Holmes and Watson live.


The story follows Holmes, who helps the Metropolitan police service, mainly the inspector Greg Lestradeu in solving various crimes. Holmes has the help of his flatmate, John Watson, who returned from the military in Afghanistan. The show presents a whole spectrum of crimes and criminals, but the rivalry between Sherlock Holmes and his arch nemesis, Jim Moriarty, is always present. The show is generally very well received with many praising its screenwriting, actor and direction. Sherlock was nominated for many awards, including the BAFTA, Emmy, and Golden Globe awards, and it won in many different categories.


Interesting facts about the show:

  • After the original pilot episode had not even aired in 2009., the first season was presented on BBC One and BBC HD in 2010.
  • It was originally intended to be an hour long series, but since the reshot pilot was 90 minutes instead of 60, the producers thought that that would be the best format for the show, so they decided to stick with it.
  • The show’s popularity led to a big rise in book sales. Sold copies moved roughly 57 000 copies in 2009. A year later, it was 88 000 with sales after the premiere doubling the following week.
  • There are possibilites of a Sherlock theme park attraction coming . BBC is reportedly considering a whole amusement park baseed on their shows, including Doctor Who, and Sherlock.
  • The show has produced only 10 episode in eight years, which means that the show could potentially run forever.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s parents play Sherlock Holmes’s parents in the show.
  • The Sherlock finale caused a generation of 377 172 tweets, which is the highest volume of tweets for a single episode of a drama series in the UK.

About extension

This is our major update labeled 3.0. We have put great effort to make this update, with user experience on mind.

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Sherlock like all our other extensions is flexible and modular. There are tabs and modules that you can easily configure, show or hide within one simple Settings panel.

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So, what features do you get?

Wallpapers and settings

Sherlock is packed with high quality HD wallpapers, art and drawings from various places and authors, some are very popular.

Background module is simple to use and intuitive: Click on “Star” on top of wallpaper thumbnail to make it Favorite. Pick few of them if you want.

Choose how to shuffle wallpapers: –

  • Shuffle all images
  • Shuffle ONLY favorite images
  • Make it random on every new tab

And that’s not all! Pick transitions between changes or pick time to change wallpaper automatically!

Productivity tabs ***NEW***

To help you stay productive, we have added tabs in upper left part of screen.

  • Most visited : simple and easy list of your most visited sites, for easy navigations
  • Apps : quick and easy way to access popular productivity tools and sites
  • Share : Share some social love on popular sites

All of these tabs can be show or hidden from Settings panel.

To-Do organizer

Stay up-to-date with all of your important things, set alarm and organize list. Also, this panel can be turned on or off from Settings panel.

Notes ***NEW***

One of our new features is Notes app. It is fast, simple and very convenient for you to make quick reminders, directly on browser window. It is movable – simply click and drag on any part of screen. When you are done, you can delete them. You can hide or show Notes from Settings panel.

Settings panel and Support tab

Settings panel is now simple, easy to use and powerful with new options.

From there, you can control look of your browser tab – hide all apps or pick one you choose.

You can choose animations, slideshow, or set countdown for any topic you want.

Bellow Settings and also in bottom right part of screen there is Support links for FAQ, New updates, Feedback page or Uninstall extensions.

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Removing extension

To remove extension from your browser, follow this steps:

  • Click on Chrome Setting menu (three dots) on right upper part of screen.
  • In opened menu, click on Settings
  • In newly opened page, click “Extensions”
  • Find extension you want to remove and click on Trashcan icon
  • Extension is removed.

You can also Right-click on the Sherlock  icon on the toolbar and click on “Remove from Chrome…”

Another way is to click on Support tab in right bottom and select “Uninstall”.


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