Logan Paul Wallpapers and New Tab Themes for All Fans!

We present you our new Logan Paul extension that is made specially for all fans of Logan. Download and install this extension to get different high quality wallpapers of Logan Paul and enjoy them while browsing. Moreover, our extension includes many other features that will definitely improve your browsing experience.

Logan Alexander Paul, or shortly Logan Paul is an American actor and internet sensation. He started to share his videos on the video service called Vine. Later, he moved to Facebook and YouTube and expanded his career. He appeared on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Weird Loners. Moreover, he took a part in film The Thinning and The Space Between Us.

As already mentioned, his career started on the popular internet video sharing service called Vine. After the app officially was shut down, he moved to YouTube and Facebook. On YouTube he gained more than 18 million subscribers and that number is rising each day. He represents the one of the most famous youtubers and many people enjoy watching his videos. Moreover, he owns his own merchandise line called Maverick. If you already did not, check some of his vlogs and videos.

By downloading and installing this Logan Paul Wallpapers and New Tab extension, besides different full HD wallpapers, you will get many more features that we added in order to improve your experience while you are browsing. It includes weather and clock option that will always match your current location, no matter where you are. Moreover, you can create your to-do list and enjoy many quotes that we provided for your daily inspiration. Install this extension to see how many amazing options it provides.

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