Fortnite Brought Takara Back To The Item Shop! All About It + HD Wallpapers


Takara has made its return to the Fortnite’s Item Shop today! The agent of influence and intrigue is available for purchase for a limited time so make sure to get her as soon as possible! We fell in love with this skin since the day it was released, so we decided to make an extension with HD Wallpapers that will make your tabs more colorful and less boring, especially when you have to open a lot of tabs at the same time. You can let these images shuffle randomly or choose your favorite one, it is all up to you!

Takara is an Epic Fortnite skin that is a part of the same named set. This set also includes glider Engage, Shamisen pickaxe, back bling Gaze and Converge wrap. In today’s Daily Items offer, you can purchase Takara skin only and it will cost you 1,500 V-Bucks (back bling is included in the price since it comes together with the skin). We know it is a tough decision who to buy today, since the Harley Quinn is available in the Item Shop with pickaxes, but we think Takara is worth buying, because she really looks awesome.


This skin is perfect for all of those who like Japanese culture and tradition since the outfit represents the colors of Japan, which includes the Japanese flag on her bodysuit. Takara’s beauty is striking, but there is no doubt she is dangerous for all of those who get in her way! This skin represents a kind of modern Geisha, with white and red paint on her face and hairstyle that is a trademark of geishas, but in a black leather jacket with oni mask (Gaze) on her back. Unfortunately, Shamisen is not available in today’s list, but you can purchase Takara and wait for the next round until Shamisen appears. We say that just because Takara looks even more badass when she has her own pickaxe, and we are sure you would love it!

There are a lot of new things happening at Fortnite right now and we love all the new challenges and events that are on! Most people were looking forward to the release of Harley Quinn, but we are more excited about the Valentine’s Day challenges that have begun yesterday and will be on until the end of the season. On the other side, we did expect a bit more from the last update, but it wasn’t too bad, we just hope the new season will be dope!


If you are a fan of Fortnite and you like Takara, make sure to get our extension as soon as possible! We prepared some cool-looking HD Wallpapers of Takara skin for your new tab pages and some other features that can help you finish your everyday tasks faster and easier! Make sure to get back to this post soon to get the link for download of our extension!

About extension

This is our major update labeled 3.0. We invested a big effort in order to create this update. Meanwhile, the user experience is always on our mind.
Fortnite Takara Wallpapers extension is fast, secure and it will definitely boost your browsing experience. Our extensions have no restrictions for ages, therefore, they are available for everyone, for FREE.

Feel free to check our site for many more extensions and themes. Additionally, you can check Chrome Web Store and look for for SupertabThemes labeled extensions.

Fortnite Takara Wallpapers as all of our other extensions, is flexible and modular. There are tabs as well as the modules that you can easily configure. Moreover, you can show or hide them using the very simple Settings panel.
Moreover, we have added Must-Have Related Themes. Therefore, you can discover new and popular themes without even leaving your tab!

So, What Features Do You Get?

Wallpapers and Settings
Fortnite Takara Wallpapers extension is filled with HQ and HD wallpapers, as well as the arts and drawings from various places and authors. Some of them are incredibly popular.

The Background module is very easy to use and intuitive: Just click on “Star” that is placed on the top of the wallpaper thumbnail. This way, you will easily make it Favorite. If you want, you can pick few of them as well.
You can choose yourself how to shuffle wallpapers. Therefore, you can either:
Shuffle all images
Shuffle ONLY favorite images
Make it random on every new tab
And that’s not everything! As an addition, you can even choose transitions between your changes. Moreover, you can choose the time when your wallpaper will change automatically!

Productivity Tabs NEW
In order to help you stay productive, we have added tabs in the upper left part of screen.

Most visited : simple and easy list of your most visited sites, for easy navigation
Apps : quick and easy way to access popular productivity tools and sites
Share : Share some social love on popular sites

All of these tabs can be show or hidden from Settings panel.

To-Do Organizer
Stay up-to-date with all of your important things, set alarm and organize list. Also, this panel can be turned on or off from Settings panel.

Notes NEW
One of our new features is the Notes app. It is fast, simple and very convenient for you to make quick reminders, directly on your browser window. It is also movable – simply click and drag on any part of the screen. When you are done, you can delete them. You can hide or show Notes from the Settings panel.

Settings Panel and Support Tab
Settings panel is now simple, easy to use and powerful with new options.
From there, you can control the look of your browser tab – hide all apps or pick the one that you choose.
You can choose animations, slideshow, or set countdown for any topic you want.

Bellow Settings, and also in the bottom right part of screen there are Support links for FAQ, New updates, Feedback page or Uninstall extensions.

You can always drop us a line on our Contact page, if you have any wishes or you would like to see some new extensions or wallpaper.

We also encourage you to Rate our extension and leave us a Five-star rating on Chrome web store. To do so, click on the Rate link on the top left.

Removing Extension

To remove extension from your browser, follow these steps:
Click on the Chrome Setting menu (three dots) on the right upper part of the screen.
In the opened menu, click on Settings
In the newly opened page, click “Extensions”
Find extension you want to remove and click on the Trashcan icon
After that, extension is removed.

You can also Right-click on the Fortnite Takara Wallpapers in toolbar and click on “Remove from Chrome…”

We do not represent official app of any product. Our extensions are made by the fans, for the fans. Our extensions are FREE for use and we are not sponsored or endorsed by any of mentioned companies and their trademarks. Some parts of our extensions may contain ads. Since wallpapers are founded around the web, please contact us if you own the copyright and the image will be removed.