Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 – All We Know So Far Including Achievements List + HD Wallpapers


The new Season started 6 days ago and players are enjoying every single moment, except for those bugs and glitches that hit some nerves, but we can’t say it surprised us. Every time there is some new update, especially a new Season coming out, we expect to see some bugs and glitches until everything settles down a bit. Overall, the highly anticipated Season 2 did not disappoint us, as we got some long-expected changes in maps and new Battle Pass skins and challenges. During this season, you get to experience the game as an agent who belongs to the Ghost or Shadow side, but make sure you choose the right side, since there is no going back! This time, we decided to make an extension with really cool HD Wallpapers of the best moments from this season!

When it comes to map changes, there are five new locations which contain special Vaults. These new locations are: The Yacht, The Shark, The Agency, The Rig and The Grotto! Each of these locations contain special Vaults, which hide some worthy loots, so in order to get them, you have to acquire keycards by fighting minibosses from those areas. In order to get the keycard, you need to kill the miniboss, not the henchmen who protect them and the minibosses are: Skye for The Shark, Midas in The Agency, Brutus in The Grotto, Meowscles in The Yacht and TNTina for The Rig! They may not seem so dangerous at first, but be careful of the possible traps they might have for you while you try to beat them!


There is also a new achievement list, that was first introduced in Season 1 of Chapter 2, and it got updated for Season 2. This list cannot be found in the game, but if you want to check your progression you can see those you completed in the career tab. Get yourself prepared for a long list of achievements because it goes like this:

Agent Good Boi – Pet someone else’s pet, Rock Collection – Harvest 999 stone in a match, Weather the Storm – Bandage yourself while in the storm, Board Hoard – Harvest 999 wood in a match, Store That Ore – Harvest 999 metal in a match, Honey Trap – Down someone after they loot a supply drop, On a Razor’s Edge – Medkit at 1 HP, Can I Speak to a Manager? – Destroy 20 Fishtrick Restaurant decorations, Lifesaver – Revive a teammate in the water, Going Nuclear – Eliminate 235 opponents at Steamy Stacks, Bushwacker – Destroy 100 hedges at Holly Hedges, Salt Bae – Land in Salty Springs 100 times, Operation: Slurp – Gain 10,000 Health or Shield from Slurpy Swamp, Pier Fishing – Catch a fish on the Sweaty Sands pier, Tourist Trap – Get 1 trap kill in Misty Meadows, Eliminate & Dominate – Win a solo match with at least 10 kills, Operation: Fish Fry – Ate a Small Fry or a Flopper, Were You Raised in a Barn!? – Get revived in Frenzy Farm barn, Swallow Hook, Line, & Sinker – Ate a Slurpfish, Stuffed to the Gills – Eat 100 Floppers, Aqua-Marine – Eliminate an opponent with an SMG while in the water, Giving 110% – Reach Level 110, Rise & Grind – Reach Level 250, Mission Possible – Completed your first Season 2 Mission, Mission Complete! – Compete all Missions during Season 2 Wet Work – Eliminate 1 opponent with a Mythic Goldfish, GOOOOOOAAALL! – Make a goal in the Pleasant Park soccer field, “The Ultimate Battle Royale Experience” – Eliminate an opponent while Rocket riding, Hitjob – Eliminate 1 opponent with a Harvesting Tool, Meet ‘n Yeet – Eliminated an opponent by Yeeting them, Pullin’ a Fast One – Eliminate an opponent after Harpooning them, Your Argument is Invalid – Destroy a strawman, Liquid Gold – Pick up a legendary weapon on The Rig, Pro-Fish-Ency – Use explosives to catch 10 fish, Cloak & Dagger – Used a phone booth 20 times, Codfather – Catch 10 fish in a single match, Master of Disguise – Use a phone booth 50 times, Undercover Agent – Used a phone booth 1 time, If it Fits, I Sits – Use Creepin’ Cardboard as Meowscles, Narrow Escape – Use a Secret Passage 1 time, WEEWOO WEEWOO WEEWOO – Open a vault, Deep, Dark Secrets – Use a Secret Passage 20 times, Ransacked – Shakedown a henchmen, Tunnel Vision – Use a Secret Passage 50 times, Recon Agent – Shakedown 1 opponent, Chute First – Eliminate an opponent while they glide, Pickpocket 100 – Shakedown 10 opponents, Pescetarian – Eat 50 Slurpfish, Cat Scan – Scan Meowscles at an ID Scanner, Private Eyes – Use an ID Scanner 25 times, Tossing Your Goodies – Throw a consumable, Yacht Club – Eliminate an opponent with a pickaxe on The Yacht I’m Flying! – T-Pose on the bow of The Yacht, Boop! – Land on the nose of The Shark, Gonna Need a Bigger Boat – Visit The Shark in a motorboat, Get Outta My Swamp! – Take out 5 opponents in Slurpy Swamp, Fracking Henchmen – Take out 50 henchmen at The Rig, Agent Peely Golden Style (Deluxe Tux) – Reach season level 350, Meowscles Golden Style (=^_^=) – Reach season level 250, Brutus Golden Style (Doubloon Agent) – Reach season level 180, TNTina Golden Style (Golden Explosion) – Reach season level 260, Skye Golden Style (Heart of Gold) – Reach season level 300, Midas Golden Style (Golden Touch) – Reach season level 140, Pew-Pew-Tic-Tic-Tic – Earn AR Expert, Pop-Pop-Pop! – Earn Pistol Expert, Ka-Boooom! – Earn Explosives Expert, Ch-Chak Chooom! – Earn Shotgun Expert, Thunk! – Earn Pickaxe Expert, Ra-tat-tat! Ra-tat-tat! – Earn SMG Expert, Man-At-Arms – Earn 2 different weapon specialist accolades in a match, Ba-Zing! – Earn Sniper Expert, Painbringer – Earn 4 different weapon specialist accolades in a match, Weaponologist – Earn 3 different weapon specialist accolades in a match, Super Soldier – Earn 5 different weapon specialist accolades in a match, One-Man-Army – Earn 6 different weapon specialist accolades in a match, A Weapon of Mass Destruction – Earn 7 different weapon specialist accolades in a match, Secret Agent – Win 1 Solo match, Master Spies – Win 1 Duos match, Special Operative – Win 10 Solo matches, Pack of Spies – Win 1 Squads match, Legendary Spy – Win 100 Solo matches, Co-Operatives – Win 100 Duos matches, Spies on the Prize – Win 10 Duos matches, Squad Job – Win 10 Squads,matches, Rumble Agent – Win a Team Rumble match, Quadruple Agents – Win 100 Squads AND There’s No “Spy” in Team – Win 100 Team Rumble!


Phew! This was a really long list and we wish you all the good luck completing these tasks! In the meantime, why don’t you check out our new extension with best HD Wallpapers of Chapter 2 Season 2? You can decorate your tabs with cool-looking backgrounds of your favorite game in just few clicks, so make sure to get our extension as soon as possible!

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