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Since this game finally arrived, we are more than happy to present you our new Crackdown 3 Wallpapers New Tab Themes extension with awesome random wallpapers. This is definitely one of the most awaited games in the world. Our extension offers different backgrounds that will appear every time you open a new tab page. Moreover, it will provide you with many other useful features that are about to improve your browsing experience.

Crackdown 3 is all about action and adventure. This video game is playable on Microsoft Windows, as well as Xbox One. Sumo Digital developed Crackdown 3, while the Xbox Game Studios published it. We had to wait nine years after Crackdown 2 to continue this series, so we are more than excited that it’s finally here. This is an open-world third-person game and it’s main focus is on destruction of the environment.



When it comes to the gameplay, Crackdown 3 remained the core of Crackdown 1 and 2. It continues to focus on different groups that control New Providence and players are supposed to take those organizations down. The idea is to kill the bosses and Kingpins and to destroy their infrastructure. There are many weapons that you can use like different guns, grenades, or even rocket launchers. You also possess strong physical powers and can drive each car or other type of vehicle that is in the game. Skills for Kills systems remained in this Crackdown sequel too. It is the system in which you can get orbs that upgrade your strength, driving or even your firearms by killing enemies and finding different stuff in the city.

However, Crackdown 3 introduced one new system too, called “Gangs Bite Back“. It means that the attention of boss or Kingpin can be drawn to the player by destroying locations and elements. When you do that, the gangs will come after you for a payback. There is one more new feature in competitive multiplayer mode called the Wrecking Zone in which the entire city could be destructed. In multiplayer mode, two teams of five are pitted against each other.


The Plot

In Crackdown 3, a terrorist attack left the entire world without any power. They trace the attack down to New Providence, and The Agency gets into action. Their first attempt to destroy the organization fails and the agents with super powers have to take the mission over. The Agency’s Voice and Commander Jaxon (in which shoes you’re put in) call the best agents and the mission starts right away. The interesting thing about Commander Jaxon is that he is voiced by an actor Terry Crews, which makes the actor’s fans very excited about this game. Many agree that his appearance in Crackdown 3 trailer made it hilarious. You don’t have to play previous Crackdowns in order to continue with this one. Even though there will be some references to part one and two, Crackdown 3 has a separate story line. Crackdown 1 is however available on Xbox One, while Crackdown 2 still isn’t backwards compatible, which is the case with the first one.


Development and Relase

Crackdown 3 was announced in 2014 for the first time, during Microsoft’s press conference. In August, 2015 at the Gamescom, they officially revealed the game. They also demonstrated the cloud-powered real time destruction for the first time. During the reveal of the game, two maps – Blackout Zone and Nova Station were presented, as well as the two game modes called Territories and Agent Station.
It was supposed to be released way back in 2016, however it was delayed many times. It arrived on February 15, this year. The game received mixed reviews. The game is even more enjoyable with Xbox One X since this hardware provides much more power. It can support 4K resolution and HDR. Peter Conelly who is the executive producer stated that effects, draw distances and texture will be better if you use this console.

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Clock with greeting
A really cool option is that you can customize clock (12h or 24h) and greeting with your own name, nickname or whatever you want! In different parts of the day, it will show you correct greeting with the chosen name. Really cool! You can turn this option on or off. 

HD wallpapers
Paris Wallpapers and New Tab Themes extension comes with many cool and high-quality wallpapers. You can choose to have random wallpaper on every new tab,or pick your favorite/sticky wallpaper. Since fans make really cool wallpapers and art, we constantly add and replace new wallpapers, so there is plenty to choose from. 

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