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Brian Griffin is one of the most popular characters from Family Guy. Therefore, we decide to offer you various backgrounds related to him. You can get them by downloading our Brian Griffin Wallpapers extension. It comes with many wallpapers with an amazing quality. Therefore, this extension will make your browser look fresh and cool. Moreover, it will replace your old boring tab and introduce you to the whole new experience of browsing with our useful additional features.

Brian Griffin Family Guy Wallpapers
Brian Griffin Family Guy Wallpapers
Brian Griffin Wallpapers for your browser.

About Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is a fictional character that appears in Family Guy series. He is a dog that can speak, act like a human, and is voiced by Seth MacFarlane. In the series, his job is related to writing, so he struggles to write essays, novels, screenplays and articles. As the rest of the Griffin family, Brian also appeared on 20th of December in 1998 for the first time. This is the date when the 15 minute short came out. Brian Griffin is also present in many items from Family Guy merchandise. Brian Griffin Wallpapers will also provide you with photos of Brian that are featured in other shows he appeared in. This includes American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.

Critics and fans love Brian Griffin. In the season 12 he was killed off. However, the fans had negative reaction and Brian returned two episodes later. The episode in which he returns is called “Christmas Guy“. In that one, Stewie Griffin travels back in time and saves him.

Brian from Family Guy.

Brian’s Human Traits

Brian Griffin Wallpapers features a photos of Brian walking, driving and interacting with family members. Brian drives Toyota Prius which is recognizable for the licence plate that says “BRI-DOG”. He even acts more rationally, if we compare him to the other characters. The most significant relationship he has is with Stewie. Therefore, many of the show’s subplot centers to them. Sometimes they are even in the center of the plot.

Brian likes dry martinis and he sometimes smokes. Brian’s parents are Coco and Biscuit. Those are just normal dogs, so it comes as a surprise that Brian has human traits. Brian has Ivy League education, since he attended Brown University. He is also a veteran of Iraq War.

Brian Griffin Family Guy Wallpapers
Brian Griffin Family Guy Wallpapers
Brian Griffin Wallpapers for your browser

Brian is a political liberal. He supports the legalization of marijuana, same sex marriage and an end of “war on terror”. Moreover, Brian is an atheist, even though in one episode he is praying. This is done when Tom Tucker and Diane Simmons announce on the news that the world will end. Later it turns out that this is an April Fools joke.

There are still some traits that Brian has and that are characteristic of dogs. For example, he barks at mailman. However, he is sad on Sundays when mailman doesn’t come. He has a fear of the vacuum cleaner. Moreover, one episode reveals that Brian can only urinate and defecate on Griffin’s front lawn.

Biran Griffin Wallpapers and Peter Griffin

Brian Griffin in Other Media

Brian Griffin Wallpapers are also useful for fans who follow Brian outside Family Guy. For all of you who don’t know, Brian also appears in one episode of Seth MacFarlene’s other animated sitcom. That one is called American Dad! The episode in which Brian is featured is titled The People vs. Martin Sugar. Brian also features, together with Stewie in advertisements for Wheat Thins and Cool Whip. He and Stewie are the ones that introduced the 2007 Emmy Awards with a song that recaps the events in television, over the past year.

If you want to check out more extensions related to this wonderful series, we have just what you need. We also have to offer Stewie and Family Guy extensions. You can find more information about Brian Griffin here.

Brian Griffin Wallpapers for your browser

About Brian Griffin Wallpapers extension

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Brian and Stewie Family Guy
Brian Griffin Family Guy Wallpapers
Brian Griffin Family Guy Wallpapers

So, what features do you get?

Wallpapers and settings

Brian Griffin Wallpapers is packed with high quality HD wallpapers, art and drawings from various places and authors, some are very popular.

Background module is simple to use and intuitive: Click on “Star” on top of wallpaper thumbnail to make it Favorite. Pick few of them if you want.
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Settings panel and Support tab

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Removing extension

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You can also Right-click on Brian Griffin Wallpapers in toolbar. After that, you click on “Remove from Chrome…”

Another way is to click on Support tab in right bottom and select “Uninstall”.

Family Guy Wallpapers
Brian Griffin Family Guy Wallpapers
Brian Griffin Family Guy Wallpapers

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