Battlefield V Wallpapers and Full HD New Tab Themes for Best Experience !

Battlefield V

Dear Battlefield fans, here is our new Battlefield V extension. Forget about your boring new tab page and download this extension to make it more fun and colorful. It offers different Battlefield V themes that you can enjoy while browsing on your Google Chrome. Furthermore, it includes many other features that will improve your browsing experience even more. Therefore, download this extension and enjoy your favorite game while browsing.

Battlefield V is a shooter video game in a fist-person perspective. EA DICE are developers of this popular game, while Electronic Arts published it. It represents the 16th installment in the series of Battlefield game series. Battlefield V is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game received many favorable and positive critics. The game includes different modes and many other features that make it one of the most fun games.  If you already did not, you should definitely try out this game!

Battlefield V is based on World War II and a continuation of its World War I which was included in Battlefield 1. While playing this game you can enjoy unique battles, different ways to defend and destroy and many other features. Moreover, it includes different modes and maps that you can switch between. You can also play in squads in all new multiplayer experiences on the largest Battlefield map ever. Furthermore, you can fight across the globe in the single-player War Stories campaign. This game represents the most intense, and innovative Battlefield game so you should definitely try it out.

By downloading and installing this Battlefield V HD Wallpapers New Tab extension, besides different full HD wallpapers, you will get many more features that we added in order to improve your experience while you are browsing. It includes weather and clock option that will always match your current location, no matter where you are. Moreover, you can create your to-do list and enjoy many quotes that we provided for your daily inspiration. Install this extension to see how many amazing options it provides.

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