Anthem HD Wallpapers – The Most Anticipated Game of 2019


We present you the new Anthem Wallpapers New Tab Themes extension with beautiful random wallpapers of one of the most anticipated games in this year. Gamers around the world finally have a chance to try it this brand new video game. Our extension offers different Anthem related backgrounds that will appear each time you open a new tab page. Moreover, it provides many other useful features that will definitely improve your browsing experience.

Anthem represents the upcoming multiplayer action video game. It was developed by BioWare and published by EA (Electronic Arts). You will be able to play this game using Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The release date is set for 22nd of February, 2019.



Anthem includes third person shooter and action role-playing. It consists of open world in which you take the role of Freelancer. Freelancer wears special suit called Javelins which can be customized and you can have various unique weapons and superhuman powers. Each time you enter the world as the Freelancer, you can select the javelin exosuit. Different exosuits provide you with different powers, which means that you get both unique defensive and offensive capabilities. You can even go as far to customizing them according to your needs. In order to to that you will need to rank up, which will unlock new options. There were already two types of Javelins presented in 2017: the Ranger and the Colossus. The interesting part of this game is that you can also improve your relationship with many non-playable characters. However, you can not develop a romantic relationship with them.


Interceptor and Storm

Besides Colossus which is an all-out war machine, Interceptor and Storm attracted very much attention. Interceptor is made for long-range scouts and assassins. Its light armor lets you move swiftly in and our of combat. Storm javelin allows you to float safely and to attack your enemies from distance, using explosive flashes. It perhaps lacks a good armor, but it provides you with raw power and huge strength.

The Central Point

The central point this game is called Fort Tarsis. It was built by the General Helena Tarsis and it serves as a protection from the threats of the outside world. Fort Tarsis is also the point where you go to see what your new missions are. Besides multiplayer, single-player option is also available. However, multiplayer option really seems more fun, since you have to team up with three more players. After that, your team can fight with different beasts and marauders while exploring ruins and experiencing “Shaper Storms“.


Key Features

Anthem has a goal to provide you with social experience. That is the reason you need to team up with three more players in order to triumph. Your team as well as the individual skills will be rewarded. As you go further and further, you will discover many new things such as the story and other characters. The developers provided you with intelligent system for matchmaking, so you won’t have problems finding your teammates. Besides the unique javelins we discussed previously, this game also brings you massive weapons and devastating powers. You can move at a high speed, drive a rocket and make your way through water. Besides upgrading your exosuits as you level up, you will also improve your own abilities.


Development and Release

Development of this game started in 2012, after Mass Effect 3 was released. Casey Hudson who was the executive produces of Mass Effect, supervised this project as well. The code name of this project was “Dylan” until BioWare finally announced its real name. Sarah Schachner composed the soundtrack.

On June 7th, 2017, Electronic Arts showed the teaser for Anthem, while the game was demonstrated during the Microsoft’s conference that same year. The game was supposed to come out in 2018, but it interfered with Battlefield, so EA pushed the date to 2019. The demo could be pre-ordered on January 25, this year. There are also multiple updates and new content that will be eventually available for download.

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Clock with greeting
A really cool option is that you can customize clock (12h or 24h) and greeting with your own name, nickname or whatever you want! In different parts of the day, it will show you correct greeting with the chosen name. Really cool! You can turn this option on or off.

HD wallpapers
Anthem Wallpapers and New Tab Themes extension comes with many cool and high-quality wallpapers. You can choose to have random wallpaper on every new tab,or pick your favorite/sticky wallpaper. Since fans make really cool wallpapers and art, we constantly add and replace new wallpapers, so there is plenty to choose from.

To do list
Never miss important stuff! Powerful To Do list will help you organize your priorities and keep you on track. Of course, you can turn this option on or off.

Be inspired with quotes of the day (QOD) module, selected for you. New one every day. Also, it can be turned on or off.

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