Anthem Official Wallpaper HD New Tab Theme

Your browser wallpaper will decorate HD images that will give you full pleasure each time you open a new tab. Your task is just to enjoy great wallpapers after downloading.

The extension will replace the background that you currently have in the background of the Anthem game on your browser. For you we have created an excellent collection of images that you can change according to your wish, because your wallpaper deserves only the best. There are also great features that will complement the use of Anthem wallpapers such as weather, location and temperatures. The background will not slow down the use of searchers or computers. We designed it just for you to be able to give in to pleasure.

The Anthem game was developed by Bioware, with up to four players participating and offering a whole new world in evolution. In the game everything is under adrenaline, there are many enemies, a magical environment and of course everything is impressive. The world in this game is constantly changing as you play and you will always encounter new surprises.

The Anthem is an RPG that takes place in an open world. It gives all players the same playing conditions. Encounter four “Javelins” fighting against an old enemy. You can use the one you want between missions. The mighty rangers are made for combat. You can customize them as you wish to become more powerful. The game mechanics are mainly focused on completing missions with a team of 4 people.

Experience sophisticated Javelins during various combat situations and admire fast action in the third person camera. Use your high-tech suit to fly through different environments and confront dangerous enemies while completing missions, either alone or with other players. The release date of Anthem is scheduled for February 22, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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