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  • Bunker Jonesy Fortnite – How to Get This Skin from Season 9 + Wallpapers!

    Dear Fortnite players, we assume that you already tried out the brand new Fortnite Season 9. That is why we’d like to present you our brand new Bunker Jonesy Skin Wallpapers New Tab Themes extension with amazing random wallpapers of one of the most interesting Skins from the 9th Season of this incredible game. It offers different Bunker Jonesy […] More

  • Sentinel Fortnite Skin – Season 9 4K Wallpapers

    Wallpaper of Sentinel Skin

    Dear Fortnite players, if you enjoy playing season 9, then you’re probably familiar with Sentinel Skin. It is one of the skins that are part of the Season 9 Battle Pass and players simply love it. That is why we decided to make this brand new extension related to it. We hope that these wallpapers […] More

  • Spider Knight Fortnite Skin – Rare Skin Wallpapers!

    Spider Knight HD Wallpapers

    Only the most resilient Fortnite players have heard about Spider Knight Fortnite Skin. This one is extremely rare, therefore you cannot spot it easily. However, this outfit is back in the Item Shop, so hopefully more players will start using it. We present you our new Wallpapers Extension, that is filled with backgrounds of Spider […] More