Finding Dory Best HD Wallpaper 2019

Here is our new extension to the Finding Dory movie and the characters that behave in it. The well-known movie has been left out of the question, so we decided to get you a better search engine background by downloading this extension. By downloading, you will get high-quality backgrounds that will make your browser look interesting and completely different. These backgrounds will be displayed each time you open a new tab on the browser. In addition, we’ve included some other useful features that will make your browsing experience even better!

Finding Dory reunites everyone’s favorite forgotten fish Dor with her friends Nemo and Marlin in search of answers to her past. What does she remember? Who are her parents? And where did the language of whales teach?

From the “Oscar” of the award-winning “Disney” creators and Pixar’s “The pursuits for Noah” comes the epic submarine adventure full of imagination, humor and heart. When the forgotten bluefish Dora suddenly remembers having a family she may be looking for, she, Marlin and Nemo go for a quest that will change their lives … This is assisted by the seductive octopus Boško, beluga kit Ljudevit who is convinced that his biological Sonar broke, and Hope, short-sighted whisk! Enter a movie full of unforgettable characters, glittering animation and a sea of fun!

Want to know why to install this extension?

This extension is made with performance and quality on top. We have made flexible modules, so you can enhance your browsing experience. Finding Dory extension is free for use and available for all ages.

You can find this and many more extensions on Chrome Web Store, just click Add to Chrome and your extension will be added.

Our extensions are modular, so you can choose which modules/parts you want to use, or just have awesome background image without any widgets – it is up to you! We constantly add new wallpapers, so when you install our extension, you will get and regular updates.

What features do you get?

Clock with greeting

Really cool option is that you can customize clock (12h or 24h) and greeting with your own name, nickname or what ever you want! In different parts of the day it will show you correct greeting with chosen name. Really cool! You can turn this option on or off.

HD wallpapers

Finding Dory comes with many cool and high quality wallpapers. You can choose to have random wallpaper on every new tab, or pick your favorite/sticky wallpaper. Since fans make really cool wallpapers and art, we constantly add and replace new wallpapers, so there is plenty to choose from.

To do list

Never miss important stuff! Powerful To Do listwill help you organize your priorities and keep you on track. Of course, you can turn this option on or off.


Be inspired with quotes of the day (QOD) module, selected for you. New one every day. Also it can be turned on or off.

If you want to have more features or want some new wallpapers, leave us a comment below!

 How to uninstall extension?

There are two way.

You can click on menu icon, on upper right part of screen, and click on Settings. On appeared menu, select “Extensions”. Find extension you want to uninstall and click on trash-can icon on right and extension will be removed.

Another way is to right click on Finding Dory icon in toolbar, and click on “Remove from Chrome”.

That’s it!


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